Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Design Salt

[dəˈzīn-sôlt]: A fresh look at interior spaces. A mix of new and old, sleek and textured, simple and extravagant.

As a high school interior design teacher, I am inspired daily. I'm inspired by the designs my students create (as diverse as their personalities!) and by the magazines I read for examples. I love decorating my small one bedroom apartment as much as I can (you know, without totally losing my security deposit!) and I'm super excited to some day get my own house. In the mean time, I hope to share with you the things that motivate me to design and the projects I have completed and love!


  1. totally a follower and super excited :)

  2. What an awesome job you have! I would looove to be a high school Interior Design teacher!! I'm a follower too!


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