Thursday, July 26, 2012

If I have a boy next

So I've been a long time in between posts because I'm pregnant and I get very sick at the beginning of my pregnancies.  But things seem to be looking up for me (despite a little set back yesterday morning when I lost my breakfast) and I've been feeling much better!

So I've been thinking about what to do with the nursery if I have a boy.  The crib set I have for Olivia is pretty high end and its theoretically gender neutral (despite the fact that I chose it because was the most girly design at the time.  Now they have a beautiful pink set that I'm super jealous of!) so I don't want to replace it.  I've really styled Olivia's room to be more on the girly side, even though there is still a ways to go as far as decorating, but I just don't see it as a boy's room (in fact, Olivia and baby will probably have to share a room, so it really should work for both boy and girl)

But inspiration struck from the strangest of places (as it always seems to) and as I was dressing Olivia in a ruffle tank top with some orange shorts I realized how much I loved the orange against the aqua and how lively and boyish it made the aqua feel.  So here are a couple of ways I could incorporate orange into the nursery if this baby turns out to be a boy.

See how cute these colors are together??

I could change up my changing table (hahaha!) by maybe spray painting the baskets orange, or making my own throw pillow using orange and aqua fabric.

I would love to find an old lamp base at a garage sale or thrift store and spray paint it orange with this lamp shade.  How cute would that be??

This picture doesn't show the crib ties, but I could easily remove the aqua ties and sew on some orange ones just to tie in the crib set with the new color scheme (my goodness, I'm not even trying for these puns!)

And lastly, I really want this super cute plushie from IvieBaby (currently on vacation so I can't order just yet).  She makes it in a range of colors and I would have to get the aqua with an orange bow tie.  Or an orange one with an aqua bow tie?  I just don't know! 
Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

What do you guys think?  Which would be the funnest ways to add a little orange to the nursery?
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