Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Felt Christmas Ornaments + My Christmas Tree

For my new Christmas tree theme I found some sweet ornaments at IKEA that are very traditional Scandinavian and very simple.  So I bought some, but thought it would be fun (and economical) to make some of my own!  I was inspired by this post as well.

I used some inexpensive felt sheets from Hobby Lobby and some embroidery thread to add details.  I did a blanket stitch around the edges and very lightly filled them with stuffing.  I've done a blanket stitch before, but needed some refreshing so I used this youtube video, if you're interested. :)

I sort of forgot how small my tree was, so I didn't need to make too many to fill up my empty spaces.  I thought I would make a bunch that were similar, but it was too fun coming up with new shapes and patterns!  My favorite one is the star I made for the top of the tree.  I think its perfect.

And then when I put on my tree skirt it just looked so flat and limp, so my mother-in-law helped me fluff it up with some blankets and pillows.  (sorry about the cords in the back, no excuses today)

And the whole tree shot: (minus the star on top. . . this was taken on Sunday before the star was made, but I like that its taken in natural light, which is a luxury I don't have during the week!)

Have you set up your Christmas tree yet?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY Christmas (Stockings and ruffle tree skirt)

My husband has a very strict policy about Christmas music and decor.  Not until after Thanksgiving.  Me?  I say when ever the mood strikes after Halloween.  Like last week, it was so warm I wasn't really feelings the Christmas music until Friday's snow storm.  And then it was Tran Siberian Orchestra on Pandora all day long.

But regardless of your personal feelings as to when the Christmas season begins, the truth is if you're going to DIY Christmas presents or decor you're going to have to start before Thanksgiving.  So the other day I did something I've been threatening to do for three years: Made our Christmas stockings!!  Seriously I bought the fabric soon after we were married (Nov 21) and I always think of it post Thanksgiving.  Not this year.  And do you know how long those three stockings took me?  Maybe an hour each.  Nap time + an hour after bedtime and I was DONE! 
You'll have to excuse the picture quality.  By the time I get home from work, natural light is hard to come by!

My second DIY for Christmas this year was a ruffle tree skirt (tutorial here).  I made one last year for my student's donation to Festival of Trees, but it got donated before I got a post written about it.  My husband did take a picture of it when we went to the festival, but I'm excited to finally be posting details about this project!
Last year's tree skirt went with the "Christmas Orange" themed tree. 

I found a drop cloth that was 6' x 9'.  I cut it in half to so I had two 4 1/2' pieces and then folded them into a triangle to square it up.  And then I folded it in half a few more times and rounded the edge to make a circle.

 After adding just one layer of ruffles it starts looking so pretty!

After all the ruffles are done!  Do I cut that extra fabric at the top?  Add another ruffle?  Not worry about since presents will probably cover it?  (Probably the last one)
I'll probably put up my whole tree this weekend, so pictures coming Tuesday!!

Somethings I did differently than the tutorial:
  • I used unbleached muslin for more of a homespun look.  (linen would be so much more expensive!)
  • I thought about getting extra muslin for the base, but I'm glad I went with the drop cloth as its a little heavier weight and I feel like it will last longer.  
  • I needed 2 1/4 yards of 90" muslin and I cut my strips into 3 1/2" instead of 2" because I didn't want it to take forever and honestly the pictures in the tutorial look like the strips are wider than 2". 
  • I wish I hadn't cut the circle in the middle until the end because I didn't end with the perfect amount of space at the end. 
  • Its so much easier than it sounds! 
Up next, some DIY Christmas ornaments!

What Christmas projects do you have going on this year?  Share!!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crib sheet fabric

I'm trying to find a cute crib sheet fabric for my new baby boy.  You might remember that I'm adding in some orange to my aqua bedding to make it a little more "boy".  The sheets that came with the set were striped, so I'm trying to find something similar or equally simple.  The raindrops print on the crib bumper is so cute and I don't want anything to compete with it.  My crib set pattern, for reference:

Here are some ideas for crib sheets:

I'm keeping the aqua chevron rug with Olivia's room plan, so the chevron wouldn't be too overused in the space if I chose this one.

I love this print, but I worry it might be a little too busy. 

Or should I go with the most simple, the classic stripe?

Which is your favorite?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Painting Wood

Trends in fashion and interior design come and go.  I think we all know that.  When I was in high school you wouldn't even think of wanting a gold engagement ring (it was a topic of conversation on a regular basis, complete with sketches.  Don't act like you didn't do that too) but now I see more and more gold being used in jewelery.

One trend in interiors is painted wood.  I love it!  Natty by Design refinishes old wood furniture and I think her work is gorgeous. 
Of course furniture isn't permanent in your home and you could always change it out if the style changed.

My friend Elizabeth painted a built in shelf and phone desk.  Her son's nursery is so perfect, I can't imagine it with the original knotty pine. 

Centsational Girl painted her family room built ins.  In such a high traffic area, that is a huge commitment!   I absolutely love how it freshens up the room, but what do you do when painted wood is out and natural wood is back in style?

And last, Jessica at Decor Adventures has vowed to never paint her original wood trim in her home (over 100 years old!!)  Its stunning and fits the vibe of the house.  Plus, painting all the wood trim in a house would be a HUGE commitment. 

What do you think of painted wood?  Could you commit to it, knowing it might not always be in style? 
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