Tuesday, July 26, 2011


One of the most fun things about going out of the states for vacation is the shopping! Of course, I love shopping any where, but last summer in Chicago I found my self shopping at Express, Crate and Barrel and Forever 21. Fun, but typical US stores. So when you're in another country, like when I honeymooned in Fiji, its such an awesome opportunity to get your hands on some one of a kind items. Here are some tips for using your souvenirs as art in your home!

#1: This obvious, but get something you LIKE and want to see a lot. I loved loved loved the pieces I got in Fiji and went against my better judgement to spend the money on them. (I also LOVED a woven mat handmade in one of the towns we visited. I don't really have a place for it right now, so I'll show it in a future post!)

#2: Be careful, just because a native is selling it doesn't mean it wasn't made in China. Make sure you know the cultural significance of your items, like I did for the masks and neck breaker.

#3: Your collage of pieces is more likely to balance if you chose a variety of sizes. I selected one large mask and balanced it with a smaller mask and a small neck breaker. My husband wanted a 4 foot neck breaker, but that was a little too varied for our small apartment!!

#4: Plan your arrangements on the floor before starting to hang them. You don't want to make any more holes in your walls than necessary, so make sure you have a plan when you start hammering! Also, balance is a visual concept so you really shouldn't need to measure too much. Maybe you want to make sure your center piece is centered, but other wise trust your eyes! That's how everyone else will be experiencing your art, so that's what matters most.

#5: Lastly, if you need to, fill in blank spaces with something you got in town, as long as it continues the vibe you have going. My three pieces left an awkward blank spot so I filled it with a vase and rocks from Target and sticks from IKEA.

Never again will you have to return with a T-shirt that you'll never wear or a made in china magnet. Find something exotic and bring a little bit of your vacation home with you!

Where are your summer plans taking you?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Design Salt

[dəˈzīn-sôlt]: A fresh look at interior spaces. A mix of new and old, sleek and textured, simple and extravagant.

As a high school interior design teacher, I am inspired daily. I'm inspired by the designs my students create (as diverse as their personalities!) and by the magazines I read for examples. I love decorating my small one bedroom apartment as much as I can (you know, without totally losing my security deposit!) and I'm super excited to some day get my own house. In the mean time, I hope to share with you the things that motivate me to design and the projects I have completed and love!
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