Thursday, January 12, 2012

Orange capiz chandelier

I was watching the white box challenge from season four of Design Star (my favorite season by far, and yes I have seen them all more than once) and I realized just how much I love the orange capiz chandelier Nathan does in his room. But of course you can't have a chandelier made of rotting food!!

Here are some gorgeous capiz chandeliers that wont start rotting:

While I think this one is a little too grand for a residential space, I love the fullness of it.  I think I prefer the fuller capiz chandeliers.

I love these colors.  LOVE.
Source: via Heather on Pinterest

This is an awesome faux capiz made from wax paper circles.  Click on the decor adventures link under the picture for a tutorial! 

She spray painted some of them with silver paint to add some dimension.  Do you think it would work out with some aqua spray paint?  I am dying to make this, I just need a house now!

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