Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't think I haven't been paying attention, Pinterest

As a kid, I loved wrapping gifts.  I would double fold the paper so you wouldn't see any raw edges, I used double sticky tape so you couldn't see it, and the ribbon!  I could use almost a whole roll of curling ribbon on each gift.  But have you noticed the new trend in gift wrap is less is more?  So here are some gifts I gave as going away presents to the teachers I worked with and the daycare coordinator that's taken care of Olivia every day for the past school year.

These brown boxes were just $1 at JoAnn and the baby rick rack was too cute to pass up!!  These were some tile magnets I made for their brand new classrooms they'll have in the fall!  (Our department is getting a remodel this summer!)

This mason jar was $1.50, but if you have some laying around you wouldn't even have to buy it!  The flower was also from JoAnn and I cut off the stem and hot glued it to a magnet so you can use it on your fridge instead of throwing it out!  And a small scrap of tulle finished the look.  This was a super yummy smelling body scrub I made with just sugar and body wash.

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