Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Lamps

When my sister-in-law, Annalisa Thomas, started Oilo I think the original idea was to have all the prints available in all the colors.  But that turned out to be very expensive.  So they have a lot of samples that they don't actually sell just sitting around their office.  I asked if they had anything in aqua that they would be willing to sell me and they actually just gave me these two lamp shades!  I love them.  They add some great personality to the space, and I love that they are the same color as Olivia's crib set!

Aqua Cobblestone (only available for purchase in taupe)

They also gave me several yards of an aqua stripe fabric they didn't end up using.  Trying to decide what to make.  Should I cover her chair or make a play blanket or both?

PS if you check out her website, notice the cute baby in the blanket and changing pad pictures.  That's my baby!!


  1. love those lamps! so cute :)

    andrea brionne @thedailyeverythings.blogspot.com

  2. Love the simplicity of it all. Those colors (white and the light blue) and my FAV for decorating. Calm and relaxing.

    1. So true! Olivia's room is my favorite place to just chill out, probably because of the calming colors!

  3. So much fun stuff, I haven't checked your blog in a while, and there is lots of new fun stuff. I am still willing to do Olivia's pictures if you haven't got them done yet. Give me a call. :)


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