Thursday, August 2, 2012

Design Star All Stars!

I have seen every season of design star. . . more than once (we'll just leave it at that).  So yeah, I was excited to see a Design Star All Stars show!  My first and biggest hope: Sparkle Josh!!!  I said, "YES!!!" out loud, complete with punching the air when he showed up on screen.  I may not love his POV (point of view) but he is SO.  FUNNY.

Here is what they had to start out with:

But!  They said this is not a white box challenge.  Don't be confused by the white box in front of you.  This time you're going to shop at an actual furniture store.  I guess the difference is that you get to buy actual nice things instead of trying to make stuff from a grocery store or Asian market?

So here is Dan's room, the winner of this and every white box challenge ever.  (Actually, I liked his white box from his original season where they shopped at a grocery store just a tad bit more)

Everyone raved over his idea to cut out a high boy silhouette and turn it into a bookshelf.  It was just a little too crafty for me.

And here is Hilari's room, third runner up from season 7 (which aired 1 or 2 weeks ago)

Hilari knows what she is doing, especially when it comes to shopping for nice things.

That being said, her style is not my style.  I like more clean lines and she likes more luxury and glamor. 

I do think this chair is rad, though.

You could probably guess the designer of this room.  In fact, that would be a fun game to play.  Too bad I already watched the show and know the answers!  This room was designed by Sparkle Josh (named because there were two Joshes on his season) He was the fourth runner up on season 2 (if I remember correctly. . . )

Does anyone else feel like they need sunglasses in this room?  

I have to agree with the judges, his sofa choice was a bit off to me.  A little too frumpy for such a glam room.

This room designed by Kellie, fourth runner up on season 6.

They went on and on about these book sculptures.  Probably because that was the only thing they really liked. . . 

Yeah, too crazy for me.

This room was my personal favorite, designed by Leslie.  Leslie was also in season 6 with Kellie, but I can't remember when she went home and the internets are not being very helpful!

Vern kind of hurt my feelings when he talked about the awesome shopping center they had available so there wasn't any need for "homemade art".  I love making my own art!  And I think this piece by Leslie is modern and bold.  I would pay for it.  

I do not remember this chandelier from the episode.  Why didn't they focus on it more???  Its so awesome!

And I love this sculptural art piece.  I bet I could make something similar with rulers and pray paint.  Hello homemade art! 

Tom's room, which had the most lived in, real life design feel I think.  The space planning was something you had to be inside the room to appreciate.  From the outside I just feel like an intruder.

Loved these little sketches he hung on the wall.

In the end Kellie went home.  It was between her and Sparkle Josh and I did NOT want him to leave just yet (too funny!!) so I was glad it was her.

Which room was your favorite?

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