Monday, September 16, 2013


Hello?  Hello?  Is this thing on?

I had every intention of returning to this blog once we got our own house and I could throw myself into decorating it and some fun projects.

BUT. . .

I think I'm just going to merge this with my personal blog.

I just started an etsy shop, and I'm doing some sewing for my SIL's company so I don't really have time or motivation to start offering design services anytime soon, which was sort of the end goal with this blog.

I do want to start doing the occasional design post, but I'll just keep them on my personal blog "Olive the Things".  So feel free to start following me there!  Today I'm talking about paint colors for our new house!  I'm so excited, but I really want to pick something we can live with for 3-5 years.  Come on over and give me your opinion!

My new blog!

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