Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This is temporary

"This is temporary."  It's my mantra right now.  I ran out of time to paint Olivia's crib (the one that came with her changing table, the one that we will now be using in our new apartment) and I'm having a new baby in less than two weeks (eeek!!) so its just not going to happen.  I have a duvet cover pattern brewing in my mind and I even sketched it out, but new baby means that also goes on the back burner as well.  My apartment is small, but it's my own space (NEED with a new baby) and even though it may not fulfill all of my design criteria it works for us right now.  No new baby nursery in orange and aqua, the baby will sleep in my (large) closet.

So my point is, with a tiny apartment and a new baby coming this blog will probably take a little break.  And I've finally come to terms with that.  Because I'd rather share good posts with my own ideas than a bunch of interesting pins from pinterest (those posts have their place too!  But pinterest pins do not a blog make)

Hopefully by the end of this year we'll be moving into our own place, I'll have figured out taking care of two kids, and I'll have so many fun projects, tutorials and ideas to share!

I'll be gone for a bit, but this is temporary!  Loves!

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