Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Clean Your House 10 Minutes at a Time

(Not really a design post, but what's the point of having beautiful interiors if you don't have time/desire to keep them clean! I know that's a problem for me every now and then.)

I wrote a to-do list this morning, and an hour into Baby O's morning nap I realized I was not going to accomplish it at this rate. I was working on my list items during commercial breaks and I was reading blogs during the show (I don't even know what was ON!)

So, knowing naps never last as long as either one of us needs, I went to my messy kitchen. And then magic happened. I thought, "I bet I could clean this in 10 minutes." And I set the microwave timer just like my parents did when we were kids and had to finish our dish job. Only this time it wasn't to scare me, but inspire me. In 10 minutes I would be free of this chore. When the timer went off, it was not perfect, but I decided to move on to the next task anyway.

I spent 10 minutes on the laundry. First, putting a new load in, and then folding Baby O's clothes that were in the dryer. When the timer went off I left the few items unfolded and went to feed O, because that was as far as I got before she woke up.

Later that day I did 10 minutes of cleaning the dining room, 10 minutes of cleaning the bathroom, 10 minutes of cleaning the Living Room and 10 minutes of finishing all the little bits I didn't have time to finish in 10 minutes. :) Working on one thing as quickly as I could for 10 minutes kept me focused and up beat.

And in between those 10 minute spurts of work, I got to play with my cute little girl. Give it a try and see if it works for you!


  1. Oh yes I am definitely a fan of this 10 minute thing! PS I miss you...OH! And I want to buy one of those magnet boards, please sell them.

  2. I LOVE this little idea. I do this too, and somehow I feel like I get SOO much more done when I"m not sure CLEANING forever. I've always tried to 'clean' as I go.


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