Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What To Do With Blue

Here are some ways to incorporate blue into a room:

Direct Complimentary: means using opposite colors on the color wheel. Orange and blue are opposite and they make for a very lively color scheme. In this picture blue is the main color with coral accents, which is key when using complimentary colors. Being opposites they can fight with each other if you use them in equal amounts.

Analogous: means three to five colors next to each other on the color wheel. This picture made of blues, blue-green and greens isn't a whole room, but I am so inspired by the colors!

Triad: uses three colors equally spaced on the color wheel. That usually means you're looking at red, yellow and blue OR orange, purple and green. I love this example of a triad because it doesn't look like a kids bedroom and the red (actually pink) is such a small detail it doesn't scream at you. Once again, the blue takes the show with support from the yellow and blip of pink.

Monochromatic: means using the tints (added white) and shades (added black) of one color. In this case its blue. I love the way this room was done with navys and sky blues. It helps a lot to have variations in color values to help with the monotony of using one color. Also with monochromatic, you can add variety with texture or pattern, like they did with the couch pillows, the rug and the curtains.

Accented Neutral: This scheme is probably my favorite color scheme in both interiors and fashion. Neutral colors are easy to live with and the small pop of color gives them just enough interest. The difference between mono and accented neutral is with a monochromatic you use quite a bit of the main color and little, if any, neutrals. With accent neutral its all neutral with just a touch of the accent color. This room is mostly white and browns with a blue back splash and blue chair cushions. So calm and peaceful!!

So lastly here is a picture of my baby stuff, all blue. I can not wait for Baby O to have her own room (right now, she shares a room with our clothes. Some people call it a closet, but whatevs) so I can add some more colors to this.

So what would you add to it? Should I go triad with some yellows and pinks, or direct compliment with some fun oranges?


  1. Thank you so much for explaining all of this. Being a home owner, I don't have a lot of extra cash to hire an interior designer to decorate for me because everything is dumped into upkeep. So that means the responsibility of interior design falls on my shoulders...and I am so not creative! And I do have a hard time with picking colors, so this was a great tutorial! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Kim i love this!! I want that dresser/lamp/flower combo in my house. i also LOVE that kitchen! i want my future kitchen to look like that. i wish i was this creative automatically...i struggle with decorating.

  3. @ Shillawna: Thanks! I'm glad you can use the info! Let me know if you have a color you want me to spotlight!

    @Cait: I love that dresser/lamp/flower combo too! I totally think I'm going to have to use that scheme for Olivia's room!


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