Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Magnet Board Tutorial

So I used to be big into crafts as a kid, but one day after finishing a cross stitch I realized it looked exactly like the picture on the package. Where was the creativity? I had basically completed a glorified coloring book, AND I didn't even pick the colors myself. So I wrote off crafting. BUT lately I've realized there are a LOT of crafts you can do that allow creativity to shine through, and this was one of them. I prefer to call my creations "custom home decor", it feels a little more upscale :)

A few days ago I wrote this post about needing some ideas for some fabric I purchase with no project in mind. Caley suggested I frame it, which I am actually looking for a cute fabric/print to frame in my bedroom, but this fabric doesn't match my gray/white/pink color scheme I have going. My friend Liz suggested an ottoman cushion and I loved that idea. She also suggested a magnet board, which at first I didn't think much of, but just to fully understand I looked up some magnet board and then. . . INSPIRATION! I decided to make a magnet board for my sister serving an LDS Mission. I knew this fabric was her style, but I wasn't feeling a skirt out of it. AND her birthday is today and I had no idea what to get her. I thought this would be perfect! She could hang it up in her apt. with one small pin and have a place to hang lots of pictures from home. So here is what I did:

1. I went to Lowe's and bought a piece of sheet metal. The piece I bought was 6" x 18" and there was a variety of sizes to chose from. The helpful worker told me to make sure I didn't get aluminum as it is NOT magnetic. So I got steel. Be careful, the edges are pretty sharp. One piece was a little under $5. (Much more reasonable than the piece I found at Hobby Lobby that was bigger, more flimsy and cost $9)

2. From Hobby Lobby I bought magnets and some tiles to glue onto the magnets.
3. I started by making the back of the project because once I started the front I wouldn't be able to use my metal as pressing guide. First iron two of the four sides and then place the sheet metal so it hangs off the edge a little less than 1/4". (This way, the back piece will be a little smaller than the metal and wont hang over the edge) Using the sheet metal as a guide, press the other two sides.
4. Once all four sides are pressed, you're going to want to miter the corners, by opening them up and folding the extra fabric down. (Does that not make sense? Hopefully the picture will help. If not, google it.) Then fold the edges back down on the pressing lines. This just makes your edges look nice and smooth.

So now the back is finished and you can see how its a little smaller than the piece of sheet metal.
5. Now you get to glue the front piece of fabric on! Glue one of the short sides first (I don't have pics because I was working alone and you have to work fast with hot glue) and then glue the other short side, pulling the fabric nice and tight. Then start from the middle of the long side and then pull the other side tight. Work back and forth from side to side, pulling the fabric tight as you glue. Then trim off as much extra fabric as you can.

6. Glue on cord or ribbon or rick rack, what ever you want to hang it by and then glue the back on top.

7. Here's the money shot (and of course its the worst looking one of all). I wanted to show how it would look with a picture on it and my baby was just waking up from her nap (I did this whole project during one 45 minute nap!) and so I just grabbed a similac coupon off the fridge! But you get the idea.

So excited to give this to my sister!!


  1. Very cute and simple. Great idea for a young womens project. I'll have to file this one away!

  2. Nice! Love it. That is not a very expensive project--especially considering that shop on etsy sells them for $30 each. I think I will have to make my own from now on.

  3. I think I will have to start selling them on Etsy!! A $20 profit for 45 minutes of work sounds like a deal to me!!!


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