Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ideas for Mom's Room

My mom agreed to let me re-design her room this summer, but on her last visit to Salt Lake, she expressed some concerns.  My mom and I have very different styles, and she needs her spaces to feel personalized, unlike me. I like very geometric patterns and modern designs.  She told me she doesn't want any art work that isn't meaningful.  She used to have a whole wall of her room dedicated to our school art work!  My dad hated it, but I think if I could format it right, I could create something along those lines that both my parents would love.  Gallery wall, anyone?  So here are some ideas to sell my parents on the idea:

I love the pops of yellow in this design.  My mom's room is going to be light blue and white, so I wonder what color I could pop in there that she wouldn't object to!

I love the stripes behind this collection.  I would really love to do some light blue and white stripes behind the gallery collection in my mom's room.
Source: via Allison on Pinterest

Of all the gallery walls I'm posting, this one feels the most personal to me.  Do you think its the variety of styles being shown?  It feels like its taken years to collect these pieces.

And then if I have time, I want to do something like this down my mom's stair case.  Seriously, the woman cannot get enough picture frames in her life, so I'm thinking gallery walls are the way to go for her!

Another one of my mom's loves is thrift store shopping, so I'm going to start collecting frames that I find there and probably spray paint them all to match the room and let her fill them with whatever she wants!  That will keep her busy while I'm painting her head board hot pink!  (Totally kidding, mom, totally kidding.)


  1. As a designer you have to see what the client wants and try not inflect what your personal style is. I think that you will do a great job at giving her what she wants, and guiding her to a great design. My mom and I are very different... but I always have to say, what would she like.

  2. You need to make followers a possibility for this blog, I keep forgetting to check it! I love it, though, many cute ideas. Can't wait to see the reveal on your mom's room!


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