Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its like everything I've ever wanted to be all rolled into one. . .

Yesterday at the end of my interior design class, two of my students presented me with a special portfolio page.  I have been teaching my students how to make professional portfolio pages for five years and so its a huge representation of who I am.  To have them make me my own portfolio page to keep was so awesome!  No one has ever done that for me before!

And it was a picture of Architect Barbie!  I didn't even know they made one of those.  To say this is really special feels like a big understatement!!

And on the back of every portfolio page is a description, so here is what they wrote for this one:

 There are no words.


  1. How super sweet! I want to be Architect Barbie!

  2. how sweet!!! that is so cute! I bet it pays to be a teacher!

  3. Very nice for your students to do this for you. Wish I was in your class ;)


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