Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nursery Changing Table

Have you ever noticed how ugly things tend to collect junk?  Its true.  I submit the following for evidence:

It not that this changing table was ugly, but it didn't match the rest of Olivia's room and I knew I was going to paint it so. . .  we just sort of threw everything on it.  The only solution was to make it pretty so that the temptation for junk collection would be gone.

I started by sanding it just a little to rough it up.  In the past, I've been way too uptight about this step.  I wouldn't prime it until it was really really sanded and it took forever.  Not this time.  I spent maybe ten minutes scuffing it up and then wiped all the dust off.  Oh, I also removed the drawer and the hardware.  I decided to keep the drawer off, I liked the look better without it and it wasn't the smoothest gliding drawer.

 I used painters tape to cover the hardware.  I used a little exacto knife to cut the extra tape off.  Here's a tip: Make sure your blade is sharp of this will be the most frustrating step of the project.

And I also covered the wheel.  Next time I would wrap them in plastic bags and tape them down.  The wheels got some paint on them.  No biggie, really.

Primed, painted and drying:

And then it sat in Olivia's room (after sitting in the hallway for a week.  Spray paint fumes don't go down without a fight!!) and started collecting junk again!  Oh no!  So I knew I had to get some storage and soon.  My mom and I searched a few places and then we went to IKEA to get some simple brown baskets.  I was going to get four of them.  I liked them, but they just seemed too boring.  And then, wah lah!  IKEA also had these blue pails that matched Olivia's bedding almost exactly!  So I got two of each. 

I'm still trying how to arrange them.  I did one on each shelf, kitty corner.

Or both baskets on top, and the blue pails on bottom.  I'm kind of leaning towards this. . .                        

Now, we don't actually change Olivia on this changing table.  Someday I'll get the changing pad I want from Oilo, but lets be honest, it will probably for another baby by the time I get around to it!  So in the mean time, I set it up with one of my Oilo pillows and a duck Olivia got from her great-grandpa in the hospital.

So the room obviously needs some art work now. . . but what do you think?


  1. That turned out awesome. I am wanting to repaint my crib, maybe you can help me. :)

  2. so cute! i like the baskets next to each other & the pails next to each other :)

  3. It is so much better! Great job... yes spray paint fumes linger FOREVER! I love the baskets together and the pails together. But I would do the baskets on the bottom and the pails on top. Did you get the pails from ikea too? Love them!

  4. It really is amazing what a little paint (and Ikea) can do for a room. I love the transformation.


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