Thursday, September 27, 2012

The kitchen colors I used to want & what I want now

When I was dating Adam (my husband) I mentioned the colors I wanted my future kitchen to be while bridal gift shopping for Jess.  We were not engaged, not even really talking about marriage, but without skipping a beat he mentioned that he would close his eyes while getting his breakfast in the morning if I decorated my kitchen in those colors.  What was so appalling to him?  Orange and avocado.

I still love these colors together. . . 

. . . but since then I've learned there is more than love when it comes to picking kitchen colors. . .

. . . like livability and serenity. . .
Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

. . . So while I still love these retro colors (not to mention retro music). . .

. . . my personal style has changed/mellowed just a little.  (Although, this picture is working hard to make me change back!)
Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

Now what I want for my kitchen is very clean and less demanding of attention.

Crisp white and blue glass tile.  (Plus I love the stripe detail on the floor of the kitchen)

Blue bead board as a backsplash.  I love this color, but I think I prefer a tile backsplash. 

What kitchen colors are your current favorite?  :)

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