Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obsessed with nursery design

Yeah its no secret that nursery design is kind of my favorite.  It can be sophisticated, or not.  Its always easy to find accessories, just dig through the toy box!  (That's what I did to style Olivia changing table in this post)

But here's my dilemma: You've seen how I plan to update Olivia's bedding for a boy (which is what I'm having!  I'm so good at guessing the gender of my unborn children.) but what do I do for Olivia? 

Option 1: A totally different direction.

I've always love shabby chic design, but its not really me.  So while I don't really see it happening in the rest of my house, I've always wanted to do a little girl room in shabby chic, because its so beautiful and totally girly.

I could just give her a room full of ruffles and pinks and flowers.  When will I have another chance?

Option 2: Stay with the aqua and brown color scheme.

I have fabric to make a toddler blanket in the aqua, and there are some accessories in Olivia's room that just wouldn't transition to a boys room.

For example, these knobs:

And the art work I've been working on very fast slowly, which I want to reveal. . . soon, fits with the aqua color scheme.

Option 3: A blend of aqua and girly, modern and ruffles.

I just found this inspiration board which is a cute blend of aqua and modern.  I don't love every thing about it, but I do love the colors and the pillows. 

Plus, I already have that rug!!

Your thoughts?


  1. I love nurseries! Sometimes I think about having another baby just so I can design the nursery..haha

    1. I know!! I should reuse stuff from one baby to the next, but trying something new is too tempting!

  2. Great choices... I am really liking the super colorful option on the bottom.


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