Friday, March 2, 2012

District House Competition

This past Tuesday my advanced interior design class competed in the Canyon's District House Competition.I had three teams, and another high school had three teams.  Here are the boards for two of my teams.  The missing boards were 2nd place (I'm guessing, I haven't officially heard) so they were taken by the builder.  I'm sad none of my teams took first place, but their designs were just too creative for a spec home.  I try and try, but you just can't stifle the creativity in my girls!!  You'll see. . .

Cinnamon Toffee paint, floorplan, and tile
Cinnamon Toffee fixtures
Madison Avenue color board

Madison Avenue fixtures

Madison Avenue title (top two are for bathrooms, third is for kitchen back splash, last is for fireplace surrounds)

Not pictured is my third group, Autumn Wind.  I'll post those as soon as I can get them back in my possession!! 

So proud of my girls and all their hard work!  They put eight weeks into these projects, visiting lots of flooring, tile and lighting stores!

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