Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the Hunt for a Good Rug

I've been mostly focused on Olivia's Nursery.  I guess its because I know soon she'll be too old for a nursery, so I better get on it!  I wanted a rug for the space, since you need a big open area for babies to play, but I didn't want it to look bare.  So here are the things I was looking for in a rug for her room:

Large, at least 5x8
Under $100 (hey a girl can dream, right?)
Chevron pattern (what can I say, I'm obsessed!)
Aqua/brown color scheme
Durable/low pile

SOOOO. . . when I read this post on Anna's Dear Friend blog, I looked at it more closely at this rug (it had been pinned to my Chevrons, So Hot Right Now board for a few months at least!) and realized it pretty much fit the bill!!

Large: Its 5x7 (for all I know rugs don't come in 5x8, most that I saw were 5x7 or 6x8)
Price: $74 (and with a tax return on the way, I can justify a small indulgence, right?)
CHEVRON PATTERN: Its like it was meant to be!!
Color: Aqua and cream.  They list it as blue, but Olivia's bedding is a very blue aqua and it looks great in the picture.  I'll have to make a judgement call when I see it in person I guess.
Durable/low pile: Its like a thick canvas, so its perfect for little knees crawling on it.  

Hello pretty rug, fancy meeting you here. . .

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