Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Set Design: Stranger Than Fiction

I've never seen set design play as big a role in a movie as it did in Stranger Than Fiction.  First, I love that movie, a good balance of funny and touching.  And I love the couple Harold and Ana.  They couldn't be more different, and the style of their homes really portray that.

Harold in his bedroom.  So stream line, so modern and so simple.  It does a great job of extending his character as an IRS agent obsessed with numbers into his living space, deepening his personality.

You can see a few more example of his home in this collage.   I have to say I'm really drawn to the extreme modern, but not flashy, interior of his apartment. 

And his hippie, tax evading girlfriend Ana.  Her home is a collection of mismatch thrift store finds.  Lots of bright colors and eclectic patterns.  It speaks volumes about the kind of person Ana is.

 And the awesome set design didn't stop with the main characters.  Harold stays temporarily with his co worker Dave, who is similar to Harold but has more of a playful side to him than Harold does (at first anyway).  His apartment shows that.  Its also modern and clean, but its more funky and space agey.  Its just genius. 

Of course characters in a movie can be a bit more one dimensional.  It might not be that easy to channel your personality into your interior design, but it does beg the question: What does your interior say about you?  :)


  1. I don't think I'm as vivacious as Ana, but her style is definitely like mine. I love using lots of color, I love wacky, and I REALLY love thrift stores! I think I don't like to take myself too seriously most of the time, and I think it's easier to hide stains with that style (I'm a klutz, and should never be allowed to eat on carpet. . . and yet I do, every day. Sigh).

    1. You would love my friend's etsy shop, Feet on the Floor. I need to write a post about them.


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