Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shop Etsy: Feet on the Floor (+Discount Code!!!)

My friend Allison recently started an Etsy shop (Feet on the Floor) sharing some of her thrift store finds and I think she has the best taste!  I asked her a few questions about how she got into thrifting and she was so nice to answer them for me.

1. When did you start thrift store shopping?
    I have an actual memory of thrift shopping back to age 4 :) I pretty much grew up thrift store shopping-- and especially yard saling. My parents were really into it, mainly for economical reasons, but the adventure is and always will be part of the addiction.  In fact, growing up, my parents would make us kids stay and man our own yard sale, while they went out yard saling themselves :) So it's always been a part of my life, but I'd have to say that once I got out of college I really got into it to the point that I am today-- I'd consider it an addiction, and my family may or may not be worried that I am approaching hoarder status . . .

2. What is the best thing you ever found?
     That is way too tough a question! My very favorite part is the hunt, so finding stuff I love (which happens often!) always feels like the best score ever. Sometimes it's a score because it's just simply something I happen to be looking for, and other times it's just something I think is really cool or unusual. The icing on the cake is when it's also valuable, but that is definitely not a requirement for me to feel like it's an awesome find. Due to my aforementioned hoarding habit, I end up selling a lot of my finds, even though I think they are rad. The ratio of cool finds to what I can actually use is way off, thus my Etsy shop emerged out of necessity. Here are a couple of recent finds that are some of my "personal bests" as of late:

A 1960s era Danish style credenza, made of teak. Scored this for only $60 . . . worth somewhere around $600+.

A 1950s era Hand painted Kitchen set. The cool thing about this, is that I actually found the bread box down in southern California about 4 years ago. Then just a few months ago, I found the rest of the entire set at a thrift store in Sacramento. This set is actually up for sale in my shop :)

A pair of 1960s era designer patio lounge chairs in the perfect shade of aqua! The crazy thing, is there were actually 4 of these, but I could only fit 2 in my bus! If I hadn't been so far from home, I would've driven back and bought the other 2! This was a bittersweet score . . . ok that just sounds ungrateful. Picked these up for $20 each, worth around $250- $350 each.

A 1940s era embossed vinyl headboard (full size) in jade green. Ok, aside from this being super cute . . . I got it at a thrift store for $1. Only ONE DOLLAR! Crazy!!!

 3. What is your favorite place to thrift?
     My favorite place to thrift is somewhere I've never been :) I get to travel a lot for my job, so I am always thrifting in new places. I love finding new thrift stores! Ok that's the honest truth, but kind of a cop out answer. Of all the places I've been, I'd have to say that my very favorite place to thrift shop is probably El Dorado Hills (northern CA) because I always seem to find a TON of good stuff, EVERY time :) I also prefer the "mom and pop" type thrift stores over the chain ones, as they typically have better prices.

And of course I have to share with you some of my favorites from Allison's shop right now:
How cute would this guy be in a nursery?  I imagine lots of bright colors and painted wooden toys with this canvas just completing the vintage feel.  (Should I change my whole nursery theme just for this picture?  Sooo tempting!)

I'm shocked that this canister set is in such good shape and all together (I wrote that before Allison told the story about it!  Now I'm even more shocked!!).  What great addition to a vintage style kitchen.

I want this.  We'll see if my husband will let me buy it before yours will. 

This iridescent gold lamp reads like a neutral and could go with so many different styles.

I love these plates, and even though they're dishwasher safe I would use them as an art piece in the kitchen. 

I love traveling and have always been drawn to old fashioned suit cases.  Sure you can use this to travel with or you can use it to decorate with.  Vintage suit cases (if they're really flat) work great as a novelty end table when paired with a camp stool. 

All of these pieces can be purchased here (she also has a lot of cute vintage jewelery!!), and until the end of November you can use the code DESIGNSALT15 for a 15% discount!  How sweet is Allison?!?!?

(Also, follow Feet on the Floor on facebook to get the first peek at new shop items!)

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