Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Felt Christmas Ornaments + My Christmas Tree

For my new Christmas tree theme I found some sweet ornaments at IKEA that are very traditional Scandinavian and very simple.  So I bought some, but thought it would be fun (and economical) to make some of my own!  I was inspired by this post as well.

I used some inexpensive felt sheets from Hobby Lobby and some embroidery thread to add details.  I did a blanket stitch around the edges and very lightly filled them with stuffing.  I've done a blanket stitch before, but needed some refreshing so I used this youtube video, if you're interested. :)

I sort of forgot how small my tree was, so I didn't need to make too many to fill up my empty spaces.  I thought I would make a bunch that were similar, but it was too fun coming up with new shapes and patterns!  My favorite one is the star I made for the top of the tree.  I think its perfect.

And then when I put on my tree skirt it just looked so flat and limp, so my mother-in-law helped me fluff it up with some blankets and pillows.  (sorry about the cords in the back, no excuses today)

And the whole tree shot: (minus the star on top. . . this was taken on Sunday before the star was made, but I like that its taken in natural light, which is a luxury I don't have during the week!)

Have you set up your Christmas tree yet?

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